Trash collections suspended for remainder of week

City officials have announced that all solid waste, recycling and yard waste collections have been suspended for the remainder of the week due to the extreme cold and poor road conditions in Fayetteville.

“With the wind chill temperatures currently being experienced and predicted, the risk of exposure to frostbite and safety of the Solid Waste and Recycling workers is of great concern as their jobs require them to be outside and exposed to wet conditions,” said Waste Reduction Coordinator Brian Pugh.

This news comes just days after the announcement that collections would be suspended on Monday and that they’d resume when the weather permits.

Residents will not be charged the normal extra bag fees if they did not receive their weekly trash collection on Thursday, Jan. 7. If you’re one of those residents, you can place out your extra bags, without extra bag stickers, next to your cart on your normal collection day.

For questions about your solid waste and recycling services, please contact the Solid Waste and Recycling Division at 575-8398.