Wednesday To-Do: Jan 27

It’s been a busy morning this morning, so the daily to-do is a little late. Sorry.

Tonight is a big night. NWA Icestorm 2010, or The Icepocolypse (©scottfaldon 2009) may be upon us, which means tonight may very well be the last night of fun we’ll get to experience this week. Don’t go too crazy, though. The storm probably won’t hit until tomorrow afternoon, meaning you’ll probably still have to go to work tomorrow.

There’s a big show at George’s tonight, where 6 local bands will try to fight, scrap, and shred their way to the stage of this year’s Wakarusa festival during the second annual Waka Winter Classic.

This year, Hosta, The Staggering Odds, The Smithstonians, The 1 oz. Jig, Groovement, & WHURM will be competing for the coveted spot on the stage at this year’s festival. Blood will be shed (probably not).

The winner tonight will also have their music featured on and will compete in an online talent showcase. The three bands that receive the most votes in the online competition will get to play the Revival Stage at the festival along with a host of other yet-to-be-named surprises. It’s all decided by the fans in attendance at George’s tonight, so if you’re a fan of any of the above bands, they could really use your help tonight.

Elsewhere, Miles Ralston is at the Greenhouse Grille, Matt Smith & his dad are at Smoke and Barrel, and Jason Paul is at Rogue tonight.

There are also DJ’s tonight at Fix with The Dark Arts, DJs EQ & Shortfuze. Opal Fly’s Feel Good Lounge has DJ Vaxination, and Foxfire Magic or those of you wearing dancing shoes tonight.


Wednesday, January 27
George’s: Waka Winter Classic
Greenhouse Grille: Miles Ralston
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Mo Brothers
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Matt Smith & his dad
Opal Fly’s Feel Good Lounge: DJs Foxfire Magik, Vaxination
Rogue: Jason Paul
Fix Ultra Lounge: The Dark Arts, DJs EQ & Shortfuze