Monday To-do: Feb. 1

The ice storm is now behind us and if we knew then what we know now, we’d have probably called it #nwasnowstorm10 instead.

Nevertheless, it was hard to pry ourselves away from the Flyer Wire over the last few days. Lots of great coverage from so many folks.

Don’t forget that once all this snow starts warming up a little, it’ll make for great snowmen and snowball fights. We’re considering building a snowman on the top of our building. Anybody ever done that?

There’s a comedy show at George’s tonight with Paul Hickman and Doug Shadell. Its official name is Yin & Yang of all Things Comedy and opening the show is Nathan Mills.

There’s live music at both JJ’s and Pesto Cafe but other than that, our calendar is empty.


Monday, February 1
George’s: Standup Comedy with Paul Hickman and Doug Shadell
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Kasey Kimmons
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray