Dickson Street Inn approved for live music

There’s lots of live music in Fayetteville. There are even several places that offer outdoor live music in town, but as far as I know, there isn’t a place to see live music outdoors on a rooftop overlooking Dickson Street Until now.

The planning commission voted unanimously last night to grant a conditional use permit to the Dickson Street Inn to begin booking live music between the hours of 7 a.m. and midnight in their courtyard, and on the patio of the Veranda Wine Bar (on top of the Crown Pub).

Shea Mathis, general manager for the Dickson Street Inn, said that they plan to begin booking musicians “as soon as the weather warms up.”

“We’re going to experiment with it a bit,” Mathis said. “We’ll probably start with acoustic, singer-songwriter-type of music one to two nights a week, and go from there.”

Julie Dorrough, representing the Dickson Street Neighborhood Association, said that some of the members of the neighborhood were in favor of the permit, others weren’t, and some were concerned about the 7 a.m. start to the music in the courtyard.

Bob Safranek, another manager at the Dickson Street Inn, assured the commission that the 7 a.m. request was just for special events, and the ability to play background music during breakfast in the hotel’s courtyard. Safranek said that the hotel wouldn’t play any music in the morning that could disturb their guests, let alone the neighborhood.

“If it’s a nuisance across the street, we’re probably waking up our guests in the hotel,” Safranek said.

Jeremy Pate, director of Fayetteville development services, reminded Dorrough and the commission that a condition of the approval of the permit stated that if the city receives valid complaints about the live music, the permit could come back to the planning commission for review.