ROTC reopens for business

After a fire damaged the restaurant back in December, a Fayetteville landmark is officially back in business.

Restaurant on the Corner (ROTC) re-opened for a word-of-mouth only brunch on Sunday, and is now open for lunch 7 days a week from 11am-3pm, as well as for dinner on Thursday, Friday & Saturday night.

Here’s a quote from the restaurant’s Facebook page:

A warm up, work out the kinks, word of mouth only Sunday brunch went very nicely. Food and service was excellent, people seemed impressed with how good everything looks.

According to the Facebook page, a lot of work is still needed in the bar area, which is where most of the fire damage occurred.

“Still got to clean up the patio, get in a new sound system and completely restore the bar,” reads an update from March 5.

But for now, the beloved restaurant that opened on Dickson St. more than 37 years ago, and moved to its current location on Hwy 112 in 1997, is serving corner melts (and corner burgers, and Sunday brunch, etc) again.

Props to all the folks who worked to rebuild the place. Welcome back, ROTC.