Dine out on Tuesdays in April for scholarships

If you like food, eating food, eating food at restaurants, or eating food at restaurants that donate 15% of the cost of your meal to local non-profit organizations that help single parents become self-sufficient through post-secondary education, you’ll probably love Eat Out for Scholarships.

Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Washington County has gotten a half dozen local restaurants to participate in Eat Out for Scholarships this year.

Each Tuesday night during the month of April, participating restaurant partners have agreed to donate 15% of the cost of every meal to support the scholarship program. In other words, you can help single parents receive an education that could create a better future for them and their kids.

Who are those six restaurants? These guys.

To participate, just go to one of the above restaurants on a Tuesday night in April (after 5 p.m.), order something delicious, eat said delicious thing, and pay for it.

Then, pat yourself on the back. Your contribution helps SPSFWC offer scholarships to single parents in Washington County to help pay for the costs of their education and related living expenses. Good job.