Hammontree’s set to open in new location

Saying it’s been a busy few weeks for Alison and Chad Hammontree, owners of Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese, is kind of like saying “Fayetteville is an okay place to live.”

In addition to getting ready to move their restaurant from the Nightbird Books building into the former Gullet’s Gourmet location on West Ave, the Hammontree’s also welcomed their second baby to the family a few weeks ago.

That’s a lot of life changes in a short amount of time.

“The timing couldn’t be more ridiculous,” Alison told us. “Finley was born on the 11th, so Chad’s been doing my job, plus his job at the restaurant, plus moving. I’ll be really excited to move in so we can relax.”

Hammontree’s opened in the west side of the Nightbird Books building in June of last year. Since then, Fayetteville residents have packed the place to get their hands on the Hammontree’s gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade soups.

“We’ve been really fortunate. One of the reasons we had to move was that we were kind of cramped (in the old space) and people were having to wait at lunch time,” Alison said. “We felt if we were going to grow, it was time for a new space. We realize people can’t wait too long at lunch.”

More room, and being in the middle of the action near Dickson Street, is what attracted the Hammontrees to the West Avenue location.

“We’ll have about double the seating down there, and it kind of feels like it’s in the heart of everything. We want to be able to expand the menu,” Alison said. “With the kitchen in the new space, Chad can do whatever kinds of specials he wants.”

Another welcome change at the new location will the be addition of a full bar.

“We’re excited about that,” Alison said. “We hope that can help expand our night crowd, and keep that going.”

A lot of employees have worked overtime over the last few weeks to help get the new space painted, cleaned, and ready to open. Other than everything happening at such a busy time, things have really seemed to fall into place for the Hammontree’s.

“Everything seems to be lining up perfectly,” she said. “Having Frank (Sharp) offer up the bookstore, and now the new space opening right when we needed it. It’s been great,” she said.

Alison said they will finish moving over on Sunday, and she expects to be fully moved into the new location in time for lunch on Monday, April 12.