Tuesday To-do: May 4

Today is Cuatro de Mayo. That means only one day until us Americans drink tons of margaritas in honor of…err…tequila? Go ahead, ask the person next to you what Cinco de Mayo means. Seriously. Ask ’em. 10 points if they know.

If you missed Dr. Dog at George’s last night, we took a photo of ’em to hold you over until next time. Deer Tick, too. Oh, and we might post some video later. That was a teaser. Did it work?

There’s a show at George’s tonight that should be pretty big. I say should be because Ryan Bingham is really good. How good? Oh, Oscar good. Yes, Oscar. Check him out below.

If you’d rather witness some drama (besides the Connect Four tourney at Smoke & Barrel), you could head out to City Hall for the first city council reading of the Dickson Street paid parking proposal. We’re hearing that a few prominent business owners are planning to oppose the plan. It could get pretty serious pretty fast if that’s true. We’ll be there.

Other than that, Walton Arts Center has Grease, Mount Sequoyah has another Music on the Mountain show, JJ’s has Tim Meitzen and Sarah Hughes is at Jose’s.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Jose’s: Sarah Hughes
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Tim Meitzen
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Connect 4 Tournament
Walton Arts Center: Grease
Mt. Sequoyah: Pat Hall & friends
George’s: Ryan Bingham