Hot dog cart at Nightbird Books Tuesdays and Thursdays

Less than three weeks after discovering a hot dog cart on the Fayetteville Square, we found it on Dickson Street today.

Parlor Dogs has been operating on the square on non-Farmers Market days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and recently, owner “Big D” found something to do with the rest of his week when he struck a deal with Nightbird Books to operate on their patio. You can find him there on Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

I ran into Big D today when I stopped by the book store to check out the progress and snap a pic for my earlier post on BHK Cafe.

Today’s Parlor Dog special was a Miller High Life Beer Brat for $3, but it was a little early for lunch so I snapped Big D’s picture and got back to work. Still, in case you were interested, you now know that you can eat a Parlor Dog five days a week instead of three, if you want.

You’re welcome.