Wednesday To-do: June 2

It’s a strange week in Fayetteville. Besides the fact that there was no Monday, the students have vanished, the Walmart shareholders have appeared, and the Wakarusans are slowly passing through town on their way to Mulberry Mountain.

Now that it looks like Wakarusa is here to stay, we’re probably set to experience a week like this every year. Can you handle it? Of course you can. You’re Fayetteville. You can deal with anything.

Except snow and ice. That stuff freaks you the freak out.

Speaking of Walmart, if you’re an associate (or just a lucky (?) member of the public), you could try seeing REO Speedwagon and Barenaked Ladies at Bud Walton Arena. They typically let the public in on a first-come-first-served basis. They also typically turn a lot of folks away who didn’t stand in line all night. There’s a lot of people who work at Walmart, y’know?

And speaking of Wakarusa, there are a couple of pre parties planned for tonight. Smoke & Barrel has Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy. If you can’t be on Mulberry Mountain Sunday, check ’em out tonight.

Over at George’s is the Ben Miller Band, The Heavy Pets and Brody Buster. See Ben Miller and The Heavy Pets before they enter the sun. For free.

Here’s that plus what else we know of:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Mo Brothers
Jose’s: Mike Milburn
Rogue: Good Paper / Apartment 5
George’s: Ben Miller Band / Heavy Pets / Brody Buster
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy