Monday To-do: June 7

Wakarusa 2010 is over and although we don’t have any official notification yet, I think it’s safe to say that Wakarusa 2011 is already being booked and that it’ll be right back here in Arkansas.

This year’s festival was even bigger and if you’re wondering what that means, you should check out this photo. Or this one. There was a bigger crowd, more music, a wider selection of vendors and a kid wailing on a Flying V for money. In other words, it certainly was a success.

If you were there and four days of music just wasn’t enough, there’s an after-party at George’s tonight. If you missed out because you couldn’t afford it, tonight’s also for you. The after-party is free. The Giving Tree Band from Chicago is set to play and according to the George’s website, so is Simplified and Passafire.

Other than that, it’s a pretty standard Monday here in Fayetteville.

Here’s a handy list of what we know about:

Monday, June 7, 2010
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray
US Pizza Co: Jeff Kearney
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Mike & Grady
Powerhouse: Los Peos (unplugged)
The Perk: Acoustic Jam
George’s: Giving Tree Band / Simplified / Passafire