2010 Solar Splash starts Wednesday at Lake Fayetteville

There’s a big engineering competition going down at Lake Fayetteville starting today, and if that doesn’t sound exciting to you, let me tempt you with the following words: solar boat speed racing.

Solar Splash is the World Championship of Intercollegiate Solar Boating. Students from 12 schools are represented at this year’s competition, including the host school, and the good guys, the University of Arkansas.

The boating Hogs will face off against solar rivals Cedarville University, as the Yellow Jackets return to defend their crown as overall points champions for the last three years.

The events officially begin on Wednesday, but the sprints and endurance competitions really get going on Friday.

This is the last year to catch this event in Fayetteville. After five seasons here, Solar Splash will move on to Cedar Falls to be hosted by the University of Northern Iowa next year.

More information, videos, schedules, and pictures of really weird looking boats can be found at solarsplash.com.