Farrell’s Lounge Bar & Grill coming to Dickson St.

A new sports bar and grill is coming to town sometime in August, just across from Bordino’s on Dickson Street.

Farrell’s Lounge Bar & Grill is the project of long-time Fayetteville bartender Tim Farrell, who told us that it was a dream of his to open his own place.

“I’ve been bartending on Dickson St. for about nine years now,” Farrell said. “My Dad and I decided to open a place, and when the [Bangkok building] opened up, we jumped on it.”

According to Farrell, the new bar will have a lounge side and a sports bar side.

“We have one area that kind of has a lounge feel with comfortable chairs, a couch, and a fireplace,” he said. “The other side will have more of a sports bar feel, where folks can come in and enjoy a good ballgame.”

The restaurant will focus on burgers, sandwiches, and buffalo wings for lunch, and will serve a bit of an upscale menu during dinner.

Currently, some pretty extensive renovations are underway. A load-bearing wall has been replaced in favor of a large steel beam to open up the space, and a 30-foot u-shaped bar is being constructed.

“It’s going to look quite a bit different in there,” Farrell said. “Now the room feels open and you can see the whole place from anywhere in there.”

Updates on the progress of the new space, including pictures documenting the renovation process are available on the Farrell’s Lounge Facebook page.

The target date for opening the new space is August 1.