Video: Zak Kinghorn, aka Flipz Mister

Have you guys ever heard of free running? In short, it is a kind of urban gymnastics involving tricks, stunts, and flips off of obstacles and objects in an urban environment.

Until recently, it is the kind of thing that you only see on YouTube, at some playground in London, or in a park in Santa Barbara or something. It’s certainly not common in Fayetteville.

Recently, we discovered Zak Kinghorn aka “Flipz Mister,” a local free runner who specializes in doing flips off of, well, everything.

He lives in Fayetteville, and we found out about him through our friend Matt Kesner, who did some test shots of Zak’s flipping ability for a possible documentary. Kesner says he’s never seen him fall on a flip attempt.

You might recognize some of the spots in the video. It was all filmed in Fayetteville. Check it.