All Out June festival enters home stretch

The NWA Center for Equality is just over half-way through their first ever All Out June event in Fayetteville, and organizers say the best is yet to come during the month-long pride event.

Over 30 events and activities ranging from social events, to volunteer and fundraising activities, to educational opportunities are on the calendar for this year’s festival.

“We’ve had a lot of activities throughout the month, and it’s really picking up steam,” said All Out June director James Rector. “It’s the first year that we’ve done a full month which was a little ambitious, but the help and support from the community has been wonderful.”

Rector said the mission of All Out June this year is three-fold.

“In our first year, what we’re hoping to do is bring awareness to the community about equality and what pride is, to figure out what works and what doesn’t as far as a month-long pride event, and to find ways to support the center for equality throughout the year,” he said.

So far, events ranging from a car wash fundraiser, to happy hour social events, an open mic night at The Perk, and a lecture at the Fayetteville Public Library have been well attended, but Rector said that he thinks the coming weeks will hold the events that will be the biggest draw with out-of-towners.

“I’m really exited about the fundraiser on Tuesday (June) the 22nd at US Pizza, and the Drag Bingo event that night. I don’t think anyone has done anything like that around here,” Rector said.

All Out June culminates with a pride parade and block party on Saturday, June 26.

“The big weekend is coming up next weekend with the pride parade by NWA Pride, and we’re hosting a block party at Rogue,” Rector told us. “I think we can really grow that into a huge event. There’s no reason with the population and acceptance in this area that we can’t bring in thousands of people to this event someday.”