Thursday To-do: June 17

Naming a band isn’t easy. Besides the fact that it’s hard enough finding something that a) hasn’t been taken, b) isn’t a fad, and c) isn’t Hoobastank, whatever you choose has to be approved by the entire band (and sometimes a significant other).

The only bands that get a break are family bands. Naming one of those is simple. The Jackson 5, The Everly Brothers, The Osmonds. Nobody’s gonna give you any lip over those names.

Everybody else, though, is stuck with using either a dictionary, drugs, or an online band name generator that doesn’t spit out names like Hunky Dude Gremlin or Boat Desk. Come to think of it, nevermind. Boat Desk is growing on me.

The Carper Family is at Smoke & Barrel tonight. Interestingly enough, they aren’t a family at all. They’re friends. And they’re really, really good. Do yourself a favor and have a listen.

It’s Cocktails in the Garden time again at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. Tonight’s alliteration is Coneflowers and Cosmopolitans. Tickets are $15 for members, $20 for nonmembers, and are available at

If it’s food and music you want, Mellow Mushroom has Candy Lee, Mojo’s has Pope County Bootleggers, and Powerhouse has 1 oz. Jig.

No music? Check out the Summer Lovin’ Trunk Show at Ultra Studios or Diane Adams’ art reception at Arsaga’s.

Here’s all of that plus more:

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Botanical Garden of the Ozarks: Cocktails in the Garden
Mellow Mushroom Pizza: Candy Lee
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Darren Ray
Arsaga’s on Crossover: Art Reception: Diane Adams
Herman’s Ribhouse: Jones ‘N Leah
Ultra Studios: Summer Lovin’ Trunk Show
Foghorn’s on College: Morgan Williams
Pesto Cafe: Sarah Hughes
Powerhouse: 1 oz. Jig
Jose’s: Earl & Them
21st Amendment: Barrett Baber
Mojo’s: Pope County Bootleggers
George’s: The Odds / Flatland Travlers
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: The Carper Family