Monday To-do: June 21

It’s Monday and besides being the first day of summer, it’s time to celebrate a couple of official holidays that happen to land on June 21. Neither will get you out of work, but if you have a cool boss, one might make the day a little more comfortable.

First up is “Oops-I-Forgot-Fathers-Day” Day. This one’s easy to celebrate because all it really involves is doing whatever you were going to do yesterday. Make an apologetic phone call or send an overnight card or whatever it is you gotta do to make up for the statement you made yesterday which is “I am forgetful.”

Next up is a fairly new holiday. Starting in 2008, people all over the world started celebrating International T-Shirt Day as a way to celebrate what some consider to be the most universal fashion garment of the decade. If you (and more importantly, your boss) are just now hearing about this, chances are it’s too late to wear a t-shrit to work today. If you still want to celebrate, why not buy a Fayetteville, Arkansas t-shirt from our Spreadshirt shop? Use the code T-DAY2010 and get FREE shipping today only.

If you’d rather celebrate with an adult beverage, you should wait until this evening. Wearing a t-shirt at work is one thing, wine teeth is quite another.

Speaking of wine, Ella’s is having an Executive Wine Tasting tonight at 7 p.m. It’ll set you back $50, but this month’s list looks pretty fayncee.

The rest of the to-do list is short if it’s music you’re after. TJ Scarlett is at Powerhouse, Darren Ray is at Pesto Cafe, and Tim Meitzen is at JJ’s.


Monday, June 21
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Tim Meitzen
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray
The Perk: Acoustic Jam
Powerhouse: TJ Scarlett Duo