Flyer Profile: Kopecky Family Band

They (whoever they are) say that you can’t choose your family. They (a different they, I suppose) also say that your close friends are your chosen family.

Nashville’s Kopecky Family Band kind of take this a step further. They’ve started a band with their chosen family, thus becoming a chosen family band. It sounds kind of confusing at first, but it makes sense when you think about it.

The Kopecky’s are made up of unique mix of classically trained musicians and home-honed talent that play their own brand of indy-classical-folk-pop goodness. Some of you may remember them from the show they played in town last October at Rogue on Dickson, and if you liked them then, you’ll be happy to know that they’ll be back this Friday, June 25 for a show at Smoke & Barrel Tavern.

Friday’s show is also a benefit for Spay Arkansas, an organization that is seriously ramping up fundraising efforts to build a low cost or free spay and neuter clinic in Northwest Arkansas.

If you ask me, a band with a soft spot for animals is deserving of a few extra awesome points. We got in touch with the Kopecky Family Band recently, and they were nice enough to answer some questions for us.

Fayetteville Flyer: What have you been listening to lately?
Kopecky Family Band: Al Green, Fleetwood Mac, The National’s new record, and the new Arcade Fire tracks.

FF: You’ve been doing a bit of traveling this summer, correct? Where’ve you been so far? How’s it going?
KFB: So far on this tour we have been to Chattanooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Greenville, and Oxford.

Next month we start a much longer tour ranging from Indiana to New York. We will be out for a while.

FF: You guys released a new record recently. Where can we get a copy of it?
KFB: The new record actually comes out on Aug 3, so technically you can only get it at our shows. Which means you should come check us out live as well.

FF: Tell us a bit about your live show. What are you guys like on stage?
KFB: Well we are a seven piece, so you can imagine how packed we are on stage. The show consists of a lot of emotion and, pretty much, a wall of sound that involves a lot of instrument changes and dancing with tamborines. It’s a real show.

FF: I know this is a stupid question, so sorry in advance, but are you guys aren’t really a family band, right?
KFB: That’s an awful forward question :) Well we are family in one way or another, but maybe not your traditional family. We have our fair share of family moments.

FF: This isn’t even a question, but I’ll make it one. The promo videos on YouTube that Kelsey makes are really awesome?
KFB: Ha yeah, we like ’em. Actually, we are working on a new one right now. We love stop motion videos.

FF: How is the music scene in Nashville these days? Are there any other Nashville bands we should check out?
KFB: Nashville’s music scene is really amazing and I think it gets too much focus on country and not enough on the indie rock bands and various other artists coming out of there. If the tastemakers from lA and NY spent a little more time in Nashville, I think they would be awful surprised with their findings. Surprised in a good way. Bands to check out are: Evan P Donahue, Madi Diaz, Natalie Prass, Diarrhea Planet ( I am serious), The Champion and His Burning Flame, Harrison Hudson, Andrew Belle, Mikky Ekko (amazing), and numerous others.

FF: The show you guys are playing in Fayetteville is a benefit for Spay Arkansas. Do you guys have any pets?
KFB: Of course! We love our animals and they are all properly “treated.” David, our drummer, has a wolf-husky mix named Blue who was almost the cover of our new record. Last summer on a tour, we brought home a pitbull pup named “Baby” that loved our van. And Steven, our guitarist, recently rescued another dog that we are still looking for a home for if you know anyone. I have a small Yorkie named Max who is my noble companion.

FF: You guys have been to Fayetteville before. What is your impression of the place?
KFB: We absolutely love Fay-ville. Its been a great market for us to develop, a fun crowd, good food, and just a wonderful place to relax on tour. Our friends and family here always take care of us.

FF: Van Halen requires a bowl of M&M’s with all the brown ones removed. Metallica won’t perform without bacon. If you guys had a rider, (do you?) what would be on it?
KFB: Pita chips, cliff bars and running shoes. Nothing like chowing down on a healthy snack and a quick run to prepare you for a show. Also, wings are a must, a step backwards. But those are for after the workout/show.

Click below to hear Lucky, by Kopecky Family Band