Washington County employee on paid leave after Playboy photoshoot

Fathers Day was on Sunday. Monday was International T-Shirt Day. The Fourth of July is coming up.

This week is apparently National Fayetteville Area People in the National News Week. Cool holiday idea.

This story began back on June 7 when Washington County Detention Officer Jessie Lunderby appeared nude online as Playboy.com’s Cyber Girl of the Week. (I’ll trust your googling abilities on this one).

Then, her boss found out.

Lunderby was put on administrative leave on June 20 pending an investigation by her employer as to whether her Playboy appearance violated department ethics policies.

She told KFSM last week that she informed her supervisor about the upcoming Playboy shoot weeks before it happened, and that her supervisor did not mention any potential ethics violations.

Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder said that he expected officials would make a decision on Lunderby’s future with the department by Monday or Tuesday of this week. As of this morning, that decision has not been announced.