There’s a fish and river fries truck on College Ave.

For your information, there is a white food truck parked in the parking lot of Midway Liquor on College Avenue. The truck, not the proprietor, is named Missy. The restaurant in said truck is called Missy’s Fish, Chicken & River Fries.

“The truck’s Missy. My name is Melissa,” said Melissa Mason, formerly of Illinois, who moved to the area to operate the mobile restaurant.

Catfish nuggets, fillets, fried shrimp, and several types of fish sandwiches are on the menu.

They also specialize in “river fries,” which are kind of like home fries. River fries sound way better, though.

Missy’s is open Monday through Friday from 1-7 p.m. in the current location. Mason said that she’d be on College Avenue through July 17.

“After that, I’ve gotta move down to Joyce Blvd.,” she said.

You can call Missy at 479-313-1643 to place an order ahead of time. She also offers catering.

It was late in the afternoon, and I did not try the food, but something tells me that every bit of information listed above is very important.

Now, you know.

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