Fayetteville Gallery Guide unveiled

We like guides here at the Flyer. So we were excited to hear that a few groups were making one to help promote local art galleries.

After grabbing a drink in the beer garden last week at First Thursday, we noticed a pile of brand new Fayetteville Gallery Guides sitting right in the middle of the table in front of us. Nice.

The guide, which was put together by the City of Fayetteville, the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission and the Fayetteville Creative Economy Action Group (CEAG), features a map of the city’s galleries and a listing of regular art events and regional art attractions.

By Judy Goodwin

“One of the prime foundations of our city is our arts community,” said Mayor Lioneld Jordan. “We are a hub of arts in the region, and this enhances that hub. This will do much to increase awareness of this jewel of the arts that is Fayetteville.”

The guide has a page for folks to mark the galleries that they visit. Once a person has visited five galleries, they’ll be given a promotional magnet depicting artist Judy Goodwin’s artistic rendition of the Ozark Mountains.

Goodwin’s work, which was chosen by three jurors among 14 entries, appears at Heartwood Gallery.

Download the guide here