Wednesday To-do: July 7

If you’re into sports, or know, or know of someone who is, you’ve most likely heard that LeBron James, one of the NBA’s most prized stars, is deciding which team he’ll play for soon. If you somehow haven’t heard about it yet, you will by tomorrow. James, who’s contract is up with Cleveland, will host a one-hour ESPN special Thursday night to make his decision whether or not to stay in the state he was born in, or to leave Ohio and potentially become a square peg somewhere else.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with square pegs. Fayetteville is full of ’em, and that’s what makes this place so great.

Tonight, a visiting square peg is in town at the GoodFolk house. Dubbed a square peg by the Chicago Reader for being a Maine transplant in Austin, Slaid Cleaves‘ voice is absent of what the Reader calls “the obligatory parched twang.” Tickets are $15. Show starts around 7:30 p.m. Looks like it’s sold out.

Other choices for the evening include Shultertown (remember them?) at George’s, Mixx Tenn at Smoke & Barrel, and The Plaid Jackets at Rogue.

Here’s a full list:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Greenhouse Grille: Miles Ralston
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Mo Brothers
US Pizza Co: Sarah Hughes
Guido’s Pizza: Patrick McCoy
Mojo’s: Johny Arredondo Quartet
GoodFolk: Slaid Cleaves
George’s: Shulertown
Rogue: The Plaid Jackets
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Mixx Tenn