Adam Fire Cat announces city council run in Ward 2

Less legislation, less regulation, and a careful look at city spending should be top priorities for Fayetteville according to Adam Fire Cat, the latest resident to announce candidacy for the City Council elections this fall.

Cat ran for mayor against Lioneld Jordan and four other candidates in November 2008. After considering a run as an Independent for U.S. Senate this fall, he said he decided to focus his efforts on a council seat instead.

“My effort to run for Senate as an Independent was cut short after a long adventure,” Cat said. “I have decided to run for council in my ward.”

Cat will run for the Ward 2 Position 1 seat that is being vacated by alderman Kyle Cook. Cook has indicated that he will not seek re-election in the fall.

Concern over the city’s budget deficit and mandatory furlough days for city workers were a few of the factors that led Cat to run for council.

“A budget priority issue that comes to mind is how we are at such a low point financially that we have to issue mandatory leave for those involved in essential city functions,” he said. “Yet somehow, we were able to come up with about a quarter million dollars of public funds to give to the WAC without a (public) vote.”

“I still remain opposed to what I commonly refer to as excessive legislation and irresponsible spending/borrowing practices,” Cat said.

Cat will face Mark Kinion, who announced his candidacy for the Ward 2 position in March.

Council elections will be held on November 2 this year.