Washington County jailer Jessie Lunderby fired for posing nude for Playboy

Jessie Lunderby, the woman who was suspended from her job as a Washington County jailer in June after posing nude for Playboy, was fired on Wednesday.

Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder informed Lunderby of his decision to terminate her employment in a five-page letter he delivered to her on Wednesday.

“You may truthfully tell others that your employment termination was not a disciplinary termination,” reads the letter. “It is a business decision – my decision to move forward without the distraction/disruption that follows the employment of a person who is both a Playboy Cyber Girl and a jail employee.”

Helder also expressed concern over Lunderby’s safety.

“Some of the prisoners will likely have seen you nude,” the letter reads. “It is our view that there will likely be much interest (in both the pictures and the words) among the detainees in our public jail. That interest will, in our judgement, interfere with your ability to function as a jailer.”

Lunderby was put on paid administrative leave on June 20 pending an investigation by the sheriff’s department, and Washington County officials announced earlier this week that she would be punished for violating department ethics policies. Lunderby refused to sign the termination letter.

TMZ broke the story about Lunderby’s termination.

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