Weekend To-do: July 16-18

You know what’s the worst? That thing that performers do when they first come on stage and say, “How are y’all doing tonight?”

You know what I’m talking about? The one where they wait for you to scream, and no matter how loud it is, they’re gonna repeat it at least once. They’re always going to act disappointed with the first scream, and say, “Y’all can do better than that. I SAID, How are y’all doing tonight?”

Whether or not you scream louder the second time, the performer is almost always satisfied after the second scream. If any performer repeats this a third time, you should leave whatever show you’re about to see. That performer is just killing time on stage, and there is almost no way the show will be good.

I don’t know who came up with that little bit, but it happens way too often.

It’s the worst. Right? People should stop doing that.


It’s been a long week, so first things first, you’re probably going to want to get stared a little early with a happy hour on Friday. Jimmy Thackery and The Drivers get the weekend started with some blues at George’s around 6 p.m., and The Odds take the stage in the lounge at 7 p.m.

For more early music options, you could check out a Fayetteville favorite, Matt Smith at Greenhouse Grille, and get all geared up for the Flipoff Pirates show coming up next week. Also, the Jennifer Graham and Christopher Parker show at Rogue is an early show as well.

At around dark, you could watch a movie while sitting in a swimming pool wearing some Spock ears if you want. The Dive-in Movie series continues at the Wilson Park pool Friday night with Star Trek. The Dive-in Movie tonight has been rescheduled for August 13 due to the weather.

Later on, there’s a rare rock show at Maxine’s Tap Room with Fire Don’t Care and two Tulsa bands, trippy-instrumentaly And There Stand Empires, and totally-amazing-sounding-y Damezumari. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to this.

One of my favorite local bands Where’s Lawrence is at George’s Friday night as well. If you like Neutral Milk Hotel, they will freak you out.

Omaha’s Kris Lager Band completes the almost impossible-to-choose musical lineup Friday night at Smoke and Barrel. Good luck.


Go to the square Saturday morning, and buy some vegetables at the Farmers’ Market. They’re good for you.

After that, you could show off your mini-golf skillz while wearing a Santa suit at the Christmas in July Mini Golf Tourney at Gator Golf. It’s $10 to play, and all of the proceeds go to local child-focused nonprofits.

You could check out some art Saturday afternoon. There’s an artist reception for Raymond Sweet at White Lotus Salon & Spa.

Tunes wise, Benjamin Del Shreve will play their first show in Fayetteville since New Years Eve. They’ve been hard at work on a new compact disc called “Sleeping Sweetly,” and they will release that compact disc Saturday night at George’s. Randall Shreve and the Sideshow and ROTC open, the first 100 entrants get a free t-shirt, and a portion of the proceeds from the door will go to benefit NWA Children’s Shelter.

Cletus Got Shot is back in town after trekking their way halfway across the country last week for a handful of shows in the great state of Colorado. They’ll be at Smoke and Barrel, and they will be incredible, as always.

There’s a big show at Rogue Saturday night as well. Perpetual Werewolf, Friday Maybe Saturday, Rollo Tumasi, and What Army will be armed. With instruments.


There are a lot more choices for Sunday activities lately, maybe because it’s summertime. This week, you’ve got two chances to see Candy Lee, depending on what kind of food you’re hungry for. If you’re craving brunch, you can see her with the full band at Greenhouse Grille. If you’re hungry for pizza later on, you can check her out solo at Mellow Mushroom. Or both.

There’s an afternoon show at George’s with Pioneers of Rock and Roll from 2-8 p.m. Expect an all-star cast of some longtime Fayetteville musicians jamming their ass off. They did the same thing last year at around this time.

Audible Chocolate, the Sunday afternoon chill-session at Rogue, has DJ Amritaji spinning the chilling tunes this week.

Sunday night, Jody’s living room at LIT features The Town That Dreaded Sundown (the band, not the movie), and Mountain Sprout are playing a free show at George’s for Monster Mug Night. They’ve got a new album coming out soon.

That’s what we’ve got. What’d we miss? What are you guys doing this weekend?

Friday, July 16
Ella’s: Sarah Hughes
Greenhouse Grille: Matt Smith
El Sancho Mexican Grill: Jeff and Dave
George’s: Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers / The Odds / Where’s Lawrence
Mojo’s: Toe Funk Jam Band
Wilson Park: Dive-In Movie: Star Trek
Foghorn’s on College: Ben Coulter
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Will Brand
Maxine’s: Fire Don’t Care / And There Stand Empires / Damezumari
Rogue: Christopher Parker / Jennifer Graham
Teatro Scarpino: La Neta Latin Band
Jose’s: 1 oz. Jig
Boom Boom Room: Ouachita
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Kris Lager Band
Saturday, July 17
Gator Golf: Christmas in July Mini Golf Tournament
Ella’s: William Reyes
El Sancho Mexican Grill: Jay Yates
Mojo’s: Derek Van Lynn
Foghorn’s on College: Ben Coulter
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Steppin’ Stones
Teatro Scarpino: Big Bad Gina
Rogue: Perpetual Werewolf / Friday Maybe Saturday / Rollo Tumasi / What Army!
White Lotus Salon & Massage: Raymond Sweet Artist Reception
George’s: Benjamin Del Shreve CD release show
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Cletus Got Shot
Sunday, July 18
Greenhouse Grille: Candy Lee & The Sweets
Common Grounds: Heath Ham / Jeff Alvine
George’s: Pioneers of Rock and Roll
Mellow Mushroom Pizza: Candy Lee (solo)
LIT: Jody’s Living Room open mic
Rogue: Audible Chocolate with Amritaji
George’s: Mountain Sprout