Monday To-do: July 19

Since creating our new Flyer File database of news links, I’ve found it super interesting to watch the evolution of local stories.

Reading everyone’s headline choices, watching some play catch-up, and trying to figure out who’s going to ignore a certain story altogether is super fun. At least to me.

The latest news from Block Avenue, as told by us here at the Flyer, is that the city is asking for patience while we all adjust to the construction and overall changes being made to the street. At least that’s how we read the news release that was sent out last week.

NWAOnline read the release and wrote, “Block Avenue Construction Pushed Back, But Work Continues.”

The television news stations must’ve loved reading the words, “The City of Fayetteville appreciates your patience…” because usually, that means there’s some controversy. And controversy makes great TV. KFSM’s headline reads, “Fayetteville Parking Design for Block Avenue Met with Skepticism” and KHBS/KHOG says, “New Parking Spots Confuse Fayetteville Drivers.”

KNWA, you’re up next.

I could go on and on and maybe I should somewhere. Not here, though. You’re here for a list of to-do options, not Fayetteville’s version of On The Media.

It’s Monday, which means there’s not a lot of choices. Usually, the beginning of the week is filled with a lot of listen-while-you-eat live music options.

Like Jovan Arellano, who’s at Powerhouse tonight. Or Sarah Hughes, who’s on the patio at U.S. Pizza this evening.

I could keep listing them in paragraph style or I could just show you the list. I choose list.

Monday, July 19, 2010
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Scott Miller
The Perk: Open Acoustic Jam
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray
US Pizza Co: Sarah Hughes
Powerhouse: Jovan Arellano