Wednesday To-do: July 21

If you’re not a solo musician, or if you are, but don’t perform in public, how would you name yourself? Because you’ve got a few high-level choices to make before you start performing. They need to know what to put on the marquee, you know?

Would you go simply by your name? If so, would you use both your first and last name like Willie Nelson or Ryan Adams did? Or would you just use your first name and change the spelling a little a la Robyn?

Your other choice is to come up with a stage name. Indie solo star Samuel Beam chose to go as Iron & Wine. The story goes that he got the name from a dietary supplement called “Beef Iron & Wine.”

Finally, I suppose you could use a real/stage name combo and just make something up like, “Dirk Hollywood.” Be careful, though. You might end up sounding like a porn star.

There’s a bunch of solo folk musicians playing at Smoke & Barrel tonight. As far as I know, they’re all going with option 1 and using their real names. Little Rock’s Adam Faucett leads the way and I’d suggest checking out some of his music today if you get the chance. William Blackart and Chris Darby round out the evening.

Over at George’s is country/Americana night with another couple of acts made up of names. These, however, are full bands. There’s John D. Hale and Matt Stell. Also listed are Mason Watkins and Joey Rowlett. I’m not familiar with them individually, but I’m fairly certain Watkins plays in John D. Hale’s band. Anyone?

There’s at least eight more choices for tonight. Here’s a list:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Teatro Scarpino: Salsa & Bachata Lessons
Greenhouse Grille: Emily Knight
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Mo Brothers
US Pizza Co: East of Zion
Guido’s Pizza: Patrick McCoy
Mojo’s: Johnny Arrendondo
Arsaga’s on Crossover: Singer/songwriter circle
Nadine Baum Studios: Your Last Friend, Inc.
George’s: John D. Hale / Matt Stell / Mason Watkins / Joey Rowlett
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Chris Darby / Adam Faucett / William Blackart