Thursday To-do: July 22

We got a comment here on the Flyer this morning on an old story asking if anyone still uses MySpace. It reminded me of the Aaron Sorkin movie, The Social Network, that’s coming out this fall depicting the rise of Facebook.

A couple of months ago, the movie’s tagline was revealed and some folks were all worked up about it because it read, “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.” Why were people worked up? Because Facebook hadn’t reached the 500 million user mark yet and some thought it silly to play the odds like that.

They shoulda just chilled out.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that the milestone had indeed been reached in time for the movie. And with the company getting there so quickly, it now appears as though they’ll be closer to 600 million by the time the movie is released October 1.


If you’d like to celebrate the successes of a CEO you’ll probably never meet (but likely helped get him there), in true Facebook-style this evening, head over to the event page for tonight’s Party on the Patio show at Powerhouse with The Commoners. Then read it. Then make plans to attend. Then attend. Easy enough, right?

Another option would be to check out the Facebook event page for tonight’s show at Maxine’s with David Kimbrough Jr. with Stacy Nicole Mackey.

Still living in the past? Not into Facebook? Check out this link to Sad Daddy on MySpace. They’re at Smoke & Barrel this evening all the way from Austin, TX. If you liked last month’s The Carper Family show, this one’s for you. Why? Because Sad Daddy has its very own Carper.

Not into mixing social networking and social izing? Here’s a list of all of tonight’s options in good old-fashioned, just-tell-me-who’s-playing-where style.

Thursday, July 22, 2010
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Darren Ray
Herman’s Ribhouse: Chris Craig
Jose’s: Earl & Them
Teatro Scarpino: Benefit for Wounded Soldiers
Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch
Louie’s Bar & Grill: Jones & Leah
Foghorn’s on College: Sarah Hughes
Drifters: Killers and Train Wrecks Open Mic Comedy
Powerhouse: The Commoners
Nadine Baum Studios: Your Last Friend, Inc.
George’s: Fayetteville Funk Ensemble
Maxine’s: David Kimbrough Jr. / Stacy Nicole Mackey
Mojo’s: Dave Bright Band
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Sad Daddy