Memphis Pencils, Messy Sparkles getting attention outside Arkansas

In the last few weeks, some national websites have begun to notice what lots of us around here have known for a while now: Fayetteville’s Memphis Pencils and Messy Sparkles are really freaking good.

The Pencils were named the best new band in Arkansas by the Boston Phoenix, as part of their 50 Bands, 50 States list that came out earlier this month.

Then, the Pencils along with tour-mates (and floor-tom player) Messy Sparkles were recognized by the Chicagoist (Gothamist’s Chicago cousin) last week.

Here’s what Boston Phoenix had to say about the Pencils.

A little candlelit acid prog, a little wheezy squeeze box, and some pecking at the ol’ glockenspiel dress up the fringes, but the key is deep-thinking songwriting. Memphis Pencils rock bedrooms and basements, but the architecture in their music is all secret passages and high ceilings.

Memphis Pencils and Messy Sparkles will kick off a two-week tour on Saturday, which will take them up through midwest cities St. Louis and Chicago, over to New York, and back down the East coast, which means even more exposure for two pretty incredible Fayetteville bands.

The Chicagoist is predicting big things for both of them.

We suggest checking them out at Silvie’s cozy lounge before the word gets out and they start playing massive summer festivals or venues with actual stages.

Next stop fame, and after that, “massive summer festivals or venues with actual stages.”

After that, fortune. Good job Pencils/Sparkles.