Tuesday To-do: July 27

If you’ve ever visited The William J. Clinton Presidential Center (aka The Clinton Library) in Little Rock, you’ve likely taken at least a brief look through the archived daily schedules (careful, those PDFs are huge) from when the former President was in office.

While it’s interesting to see just how planned out the Presidents’ days are, it’s not nearly as creepy as some make it out to be. I’d heard that literally every waking minute was accounted for, but after visiting the library myself, I found that’s simply not the case. There’s a lot listed in those archives, but “Brush teeth” is not one of them.

People love to exaggerate.

President Clinton, though long removed from the busy daily life of the White House, is still making headlines, both nationally and here in Fayetteville. Many people around the country will spend their watercooler time discussing how much money Clinton is spending on his daughter’s wedding this weekend. Is $3 to $5 million really that much?

Come tomorrow, anyone who lives on California Boulevard here in Fayetteville, will be talking about a possible name change for their street. The City Council tonight will discuss changing the name to Clinton Boulevard in hopes of making it more tourist friendly. We’ll let you know what happens. And we’ll try not to exaggerate the drama too much.

Speaking of drama, Beauty and the Beast opens tonight at the Walton Arts Center. The production runs through Aug. 8 and includes sixteen performances. The first two rows for tonight’s opening are already sold out, FYI.

There’s a big show at George’s this evening, too. Saving Abel (no, not our Abel) headlines with We Are The Fallen and American Bang providing support.

Speaking of American Bang, did you hear about Kings of Leon’s pigeon-gate?

Here’s a list for tonight:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Fayetteville Public Library: Starting a Business in Arkansas
Fayetteville Public Library: Teen Gamers Club
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Jeff Fox
Nightbird Books: Ozark Poets and Writers Collective
Teatro Scarpino: Live jazz
The Wine Cellar: Drinking Liberally Fayetteville
Walton Arts Center: Beauty and the Beast
Herman’s Ribhouse: Bob Wist
Jose’s: 6th Speed Overdrive
George’s: Saving Abel / We are the Fallen / American Bang
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Chess Tournament