Wednesday To-do: July 28

The next few days are gearing up to be pretty exciting if you’ve been following the Walton Arts Center expansion news.

A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting the City of Fayetteville’s official proposal to entice the arts center to build its second facility here in town. Most of us assumed we’d have to wait until after the Aug. 2 proposal deadline, but as it turns out, the unveiling happens at 11 a.m. tomorrow morning. Nope. Update here.

The other 20(ish) proposals will be posted to the WAC’s website Tuesday morning. Watch party, anyone?

What’s there to do on a Wednesday in Fayetteville during the summer? We’ve got a date with the Festival Task Force at 3 p.m., but after that, it’s chill time.

Chill time option #1: Enjoy a whiskey sour at Smoke & Barrel while listening to some guy named robb.
[Chill level: 7]

Chill time option #2: Wink at Beauty and scowl at Beast at Walton Arts Center. Don’t forget to grab a tasty beverage in the lobby. Also, scout out a good place to stand for tomorrow’s press conference.
[Chill level: 9]

Chill time option #3: Dance at FIX. There are four DJs who will do their best to keep you moving.
[Chill Level: 2 (Party Level: 10)]

There’s a half dozen (or so) other chill time options to choose from tonight, each with varying levels of chill. Good luck.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Greenhouse Grille: Sarah Hughes
La Huerta – Crossover: Darren Ray
Walton Arts Center: Beauty and the Beast
Mojo’s: Jazz Sit-In w/ Johnny Arredondo Quartet
US Pizza Co: Josh & Friends
Nadine Baum Studios: Murder and the English Gentleman: A Comedy
Rogue: Lafayette Lounge Players
Fix Ultra Lounge: DJs: Derrick / Mixxten / Shortfuze/ EQ
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: some guy named robb
Teatro Scarpino: Dan’s Party Summer Improv