Huffington Post: Fayetteville is ‘Unexpectedly Green’

We all know Fayetteville rules. When others notice, though, it’s sometimes hard not to smirk a little.

Take today, for example. The Huffington Post released a photo slideshow this morning entitled, “7 Unexpectedly Green Cities” in an effort to expand the boundaries of the usual Portland/San Francisco/Seattle group.

Fayetteville is on that list of unexpected (and somewhat expected) cities.

From the article:

Fayetteville boasts an impressive farmers market in the newly renovated downtown square, featuring fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Since 2007, Fayetteville requires all buildings greater than 5,000 square feet to be LEED-Silver Standard certified. The city also instituted Project LIGHTS to provide energy efficient light bulbs to low-income residences.

Others making the HuffPost list include Eugene, Austin, Long Beach, Reno, Hunstville, and Nashua.

Check it out for yourself. There’s even a place to vote using Facebook.