Gizmodo meetup scheduled for Aug. 12 at The Perk

On Aug. 3, popular gadget blog Gizmodo announced meetups in large cities around the country, and asked readers to organize their own “Gizmodo Days” to talk tech, share gadgets, and in general, geek out in the truest sense of the phrase.

Around 350 meetups have been organized around the country since then, and some folks have put together a local version of Gizmodo Day, scheduled for 7 p.m. Aug. 12 at The Perk on Wedington in Fayetteville.

Organizer of the local event, Steve McCratic says the meetup is mostly about hanging out with like-minded people.

“The biggest point of a meetup like this is to put a human face on a screen-name (mine is Scratic), and it should be a good opportunity to meet new people with similar interests,” McCratic said.

To this point, only four people have RSVP’d online to Thursday’s event, but McCratic is optimistic that more folks will show.

Gizmodo officials apparently are, too. Organizers around the country received Gizmodo sticker packs to pass out to attendees, and McCratic said he received a lot of them today.

“Although the Fayetteville meetup is still relatively small, it should still be a good time. We’re meeting up at The Perk on Wedington, so there’s coffee and munchies. If someone wants more than coffee to drink, Gusano’s is right next door,” he said.

McCratic said there isn’t necessarily an agenda to the meeting, but he is encouraging folks to bring their laptops, netbooks, iPads, and other gadgets to share.

“We’ll probably nerd it up with discussions about different gizmos and gadgets,” he said. “A buddy of mine that I’ve met through commenting on Gizmodo is setting up the San Diego meetup, so we may try to link up with them through FaceTime or Skype.”

Anyone who’s interested in attending Gizmodo Day can RSVP via Meetup Everywhere, or just show up at The Perk Thursday night.

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