Wednesday To-Do: Aug.11

Today is my wife and I’s third wedding anniversary. We were married on an incredibly hot Saturday in 2007, but the uncomfortable heat was almost completely overshadowed by the fact that we were surrounded by tons of friends and family.

When my wife was still taking classes at the university, she’d frequently drive by the Clinton House Museum and wonder if they ever rented the place out for weddings. It wasn’t because she was a Clinton fanatic (although this article sure makes it seem that way), but because it was small and seemed like a cute, unique place to tie the knot in Fayetteville.

After a few phone calls, she’d convinced the manager to allow a wedding and in the process, found out that we’d be the first couple to marry there since Bill and Hillary did so in October 1975.

We received a letter from the former president wishing us luck in the future, got our picture on the front page of the newspaper, and have since had a few dozen Clinton fans contact us for stories, advice, or just to say congrats.

I find it pretty coincidental that former President Clinton will be in Northwest Arkansas today. We’ve heard rumors that he’s stopping by the museum sometime this afternoon, but couldn’t get anyone to confirm it. Maybe the newly named street (and already installed signs) will entice him. Stakeout, anyone?

I plan on having a nice dinner with my wife this evening, but you guys should figure out something else to do.

You could join the Wii bowling league which kicks off at Smoke & Barrel tonight, Keep It Classy at FIX, rock out at George’s, or check out a CD release show at Gaylord’s.

Details? How about a list:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Greenhouse Grille: Candy Lee & The Sweets
La Huerta – Crossover: Darren Ray
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Effron White
US Pizza Co: Josh & Friends
Uncle Gaylord’s: Shane McClure AKA Jack Cain
Guido’s Pizza: Patrick McCoy
Mojo’s: Johnny Arrendondo
Rogue: Willie J & The Storytellers
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Urban Achievers Wii Bowling League Night
George’s: Atom Smash / Even Heroes / SPiNRaD
Fix Ultra Lounge: Keeping it Classy @ FIX