Coming soon: Punch Brothers, Nov. 21 at George’s

If you’re a fan of Punch Brothers, prepare to freak out with happiness.

The band announced their 2010 Fall Tour last week, and guess what city was on it?

Give up? It’s Fayetteville.

Chris Thile and the boys will be in the Garden at George’s Majestic Lounge on Sunday, Nov. 21, almost two years to the day from their last appearance in town on Nov. 22, 2008 at the WAC.

They’ve been touring in support of their June 15 release Antifogmatic, which has been getting rave reviews this summer. Ed Helms (yes, that Ed Helms) went so far as to call them superhuman.

“Mere human beings could never achieve the Punch Brothers’ musicianship and technical proficiency. Frontman Chris Thile’s mandolin playing defies the laws of physics. It is my belief that he has an additional six fingers on his left hand which are invisible,” Helms wrote in a review of Antifogmatic for Paste Magazine.

Tickets are $20, and are on sale at George’s website.