Greg Moore and Leilani Law to host Art Talk Aug. 26

If you’re experiencing art withdrawals between First Thursday openings, local artists Greg Moore and Leilani Law might have just the fix to tide you over.

Greg and Leilani will host the first in a series of free Art Talk events at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 26 at Fayetteville Underground.

Leilani will discuss the “Continental Shift” show on display now in the Revolver Gallery. The show features work from nine artists from the Seattle artist collective Shift. Leilani and Fayetteville ex-pat (and current Shift artist) June Sekiguchi facilitated an exchange to bring the Seattle art to town this month, and several local artists will be featured in Shift’s Seattle gallery in October.

Greg will discuss his current exhibit, “Reclaimed Surfaces,” on display this month in the Vault Gallery. His work features paintings of weeds, thistles, and more recently, birds, cats, insects and fish on found objects, discarded metal, and other surfaces.

“The subject matter I choose is largely informed by the pieces of debris I start with. Often I evoke or re-imagine the scene where decaying trash might be found like in a field of red clover or a cluster of thistles,” Moore said.

The idea behind the Art Talk series is to give folks an opportunity to get to know the artists and their processes, as well as a chance to gain deeper insight into the shows on display.

The event is free to attend, refreshments will be served, and art will be talked about. Party.

Art Talk: Gregory Moore & Leilani Law

Date: Thursday, Aug. 26
Time:6:30 p.m.
Location: Fayetteville Underground
Admission: Free