Flyer Guide: Know your ward

A ward is typically defined as a district of some kind. You know, an area. In the olden days, we’d have called it a territory. Some folks say zone.

Call it what you want, but don’t get caught not knowing which one you live in.

We saw it happen once to a prominent local CEO during a City Council meeting and it was not a pretty sight. “Whatever one the square is,” is not the best answer when addressing the mayor.

It’s not a crime to not know your ward, but there are only four of ’em. You can learn yours.

Why should I care?

Besides being able to woo your friends with a seemingly impressive knowledge of local geographically-defined semi-governmental wisdom, your ward is what determines the ballot you’ll receive when voting.

Specifically, you get to help choose two fellow citizens to represent you and your neighbors alongside the mayor. These people make up the City Council and are referred to as aldermen or alderwomen. They help define and refine local laws. In 2010, they voted to approve paid parking in the Dickson Street area. In 2014 (and again in 2015) they passed a contentious civil rights ordinance.

Want to know more about the City Council and how to run for election? There’s a Flyer Guide for that, too.

How many wards are there?

Fayetteville has four wards.

Ward 1 covers southeast Fayetteville and includes everything from Walker Park to Lake Sequoyah and from Root Elementary School to Drake Field.

Ward 2 covers the central part of town including the square, Dickson Street, and most of the University of Arkansas campus. Ward 2 does, however, extend north along Garland Avenue to the Johnson city limits.

Ward 3 is primarily made up of uptown Fayetteville, but extends south as far as Gulley Park. The major dividing lines are Mission Boulevard, Township Street, and Gregg Avenue.

Ward 4 is the west side of town. If it’s west of I-49 it’s in Ward 4, but once you get as far south as Wedington, the boundaries extend east to Garland Avenue and then along the railroad tracks along Razorback Road.

What ward do I live in?

We don’t know what your ward is, but there’s an interactive map on the city’s website to help you answer that question. Or you could click the image above to get a general idea.