Weekend To-do: Sept. 10-12

Level with me, Fayetteville. Do you think Doggie Dude is a cool band name?

I ask because for the past several months, I’ve been trying to convince some local musicians to join me in starting the best band ever, with what I believe is the coolest band name ever, made up of two of the coolest words in the English language.

“Doggie,” which is a reference to the canine species, can’t be argued with. Dogs are the third best animal on earth (after monkeys and giraffes), with the best sounding name of the top three.

“Dude” implies friendship, and also has some cowboy overtones, like “dude ranch.” The two words together are alliterative, and sort of roll off the tongue. Say them to yourself. Doggie Dude.

I even asked Dr. Dog what they thought of the name recently, partially because I respect their opinion on the subject, and otherwise because they have the word “dog” in their name already and I’m curious to know how it’s worked out for them so far. Plus, I wouldn’t want to step on their toes.

If you’re interested in joining the band, let me know. Currently, we have one member (myself) who plays mostly guitar and piano, and we’re looking for someone to play trombone, theremin, percussion, sitar, and I think that harmonica always kind of even things out for a band. We’re open to other instruments, too. Anything goes, except for flutes.


There’s a big back to school show at George’s Friday night with Randall Shreve & the Sideshow, Wade Ogle & the Mad Spirits, and Chase Pagan in the garden. The Plaid Jackets were on the bill, but as I understand it, they’ve dropped off. The Floozies are in the lounge, and that’s after Full House plays happy hour. That’s like 30 bands.

Cletus Got Shot is at Smoke & Barrel Saturday night for one more fundraiser before they head overseas next week. Next stop, Belgium. High five, Cletus.

Famous band Smash Mouth is playing a free show in the Walton Arts Center Parking Lot on Friday night in association with the LPGA golf tournament in Rogers. Like I said a few weeks ago, if you were alive and had ears with hearing capabilities in the late 90s, you’ve most certainly heard a Smash Mouth song or two. Now, you can hear them live for free. Locals Benjamin Del Shreve open.

Also, KXUA, AiMT, Midsouth Dubstep & NWA Dubstep are throwing a party at Speakeasy with founders of the Midsouth Dubstep collective Wolf-E-Wolf and Sleek along with local favorites Domewrekka and Babie Armie.

Boom Boom Room has a crazy sounding show with Miami’s City of God. It’s super commercial-sounding hip-hop flavored pop music in a really small club, which has the potential to be fun.

TheatreSquared’s The 39 Steps is still playing this weekend, and T2 just announced that they’ve extended the show by a week due to the fact that it is on track to be the best selling show in the history of the company. There are still a few tickets left for this weekend’s performances, but there may not be for long. Just saying.


I hate to say it, but unless you have teleportation powers, you’re going to have to make some difficult choices on Saturday. First of all, the Harvest Food Festival is happening on the square featuring local food from eight restaurants, live music, a sculpture competition between farmers’ market vendors, and more. You can read more about that here.

Also Saturday morning, there’s a celebration of Ozark culture and a showcase of several local authors, Ozark Writers Live!, at the Fayetteville Public Library. There’s music there too, with local bluegrass ensemble Hobknobbers. More about Ozark Writers Live is here.

There’s also a music festival out at Terra Studios on Saturday beginning at 10 a.m. featuring more local art, more music, and several bluebirds of happiness. Here’s the schedule.

Smoke & Barrel has an awesome show Saturday night with local badasses Perpetual Werewolf, re-united Fort Smith punk band A+ Setup, and Lawrence, KS’s Lollipop Factory.

Do you like reggae music? Boom Boom Room has some reggae music with Springfield, Mo’s Jah Kings.

The Razorback football team is back in action, taking on Louisiana Monroe in Little Rock. The game starts at 6 p.m., and will be televised by FSN and ESPN3.

There’s a benefit for Spay Arkansas at Whole Earth Organic Lounge (dogs!), Phunbags are back in action at the UARK Bowl, and there’s even a rare Saturday night show at Greenhouse Grille with Hog Town Hot Club featuring Jim Greason. Like I said, you’ve got some tough decisions to make on Saturday.


Things finally slow down a bit on Sunday, but there’s still music to check out. There’s a brunch show at Greenhouse Grille with Miles Ralston, and George’s has The Great Scotts for Monster Mug Night.

There’s a lot more below, and feel free to add to the list in the comments.

Do whatever you want. Week. End.

Friday, Sept. 10
Wine Cellar: Emily Knight
Ella’s: Sarah Hughes
George’s: Full House / Randall Shreve / Wade Ogle & Mad Spirits / Chase Pagan / The Floozies
JJ’s Grill n Chill: TJ Scarlett
Jose’s: Steppin Stones
El Sancho Mexican Grill: Derek Townzen
Teatro Scarpino: DJ Mandole Mixx / Salsa Night
Foghorn’s on College: Scott Young
Nadine Baum Studios: (T2) Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps
Walton Arts Center: Blue Man Group
Louie’s Bar & Grill: The Remedy
Boom Boom Room: City of God
Rogue: DJ Derrick
UARK Bowl & Ballroom: Fayetteville Jazz Collective
GoodFolk: Kevin Welch
Dickson Street: Smash Mouth
Arsaga’s on Crossover: GT Morris
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Cletus Got Shot
Greenhouse Grille: Matt Smith
Speakeasy: Ulterior / Wolf-E-Wolf / Sleek / Domewrekka
Saturday, Sept. 11
Buell Farm: Polo in the Ozarks
Fayetteville Square: Ozark Harvest Food Festival
El Sancho Mexican Grill: TJ Scarlett
Nadine Baum Studios: (T2) Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps
Walton Arts Center: Blue Man Group
Whole Earth Organic Lounge: Desperate HouseCats and Dubious Dogs
Ella’s: William Reyes
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Pope County Bootleggers
Jose’s: The Blue Party
Fayetteville Public Library: Ozark Writers Live
ROTC: The Shady Janes
Terra Studios: Terra Studios Fall Music Festival
Drifters: The Jason Strode Band
Jammin’ Java: Mike and Maliah
Greenhouse Grille: Hog Town Hot Club
Boom Boom Room: Jah Kings
Rogue: Fools For Rolan
UARK Bowl & Ballroom: Comedy Improv with Phunbags
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Perpetual Werewolf / A+ Setup / Lollipop Factory
George’s: A Good Fight / Army of Birds
Sunday, Sept. 12
Greenhouse Grille: Miles Ralston
George’s: The Great Scotts
Nadine Baum Studios: (T2) Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps