Several new restaurants have opened, and there are more on the way

Do you like to try new things? Are you the type of person that likes eating food? Do you think that these pants make my legs look weird?

If you answered yes to all three of the above questions, you’ll probably like the fact that several new restaurants have opened in Fayetteville over the past couple weeks, and more are on the way.

First of all, Spiedini Italian Grill is up and running over on Crossover. We talked to owner Robert Lee back in August, and they officially opened on Sept. 1.

Farrell’s Lounge opened on Dickson St. over the weekend. Farrell’s is the project of long-time Fayetteville bartender Tim Farrell, and the concept behind the new restaurant is a gastro-pub / sports bar hybrid. We talked to Tim back in June.

Cafe Delta Soul also opened in town over the last few weeks, over off Mission on Citizens Drive. The new restaurant specializes in “catfish, ribs, steaks, and creole soul,” and they also apparently have a six-pound cheeseburger to try. If you eat it in 30 minutes or less, it’s free.

Otherwise, we know that there’s a place called Burger Life coming sometime in September to the area next to Razorback Cinema (formerly Marketplace Express.) I’ll bet you a burger that they sell burgers.

We’ve also heard that Waffle House will be coming to Dickson St. soon, there’s a place called the Green Submarine in the works over on Wedington, and Slim Chickens is working on a second location in Fayetteville on Joyce Blvd.

And that’s just what we can think of off the tops of our heads. Know of any others? Have you tried any of the new places yet?