Ranger’s Pantry to hold pet food drive Friday at Walmart on N. Mall Ave.

The city’s new pet food bank plans to hold a pet food drive at Walmart on N. Mall Avenue this Friday, Sept. 24 from 10:00 a.m until 2:30 p.m.

Ranger’s Pantry Pet Food Bank, which opened in May, supplies pet food to pet owners who are experiencing temporary financial hardship.

“I started seeing animals that were brought in because people simply couldn’t afford to feed them any longer,” Community Services Director Yolanda Fields told us a few months ago. After hearing about a pet food donation program for pet owners in Arizona, Fields helped start a local pet food bank in Fayetteville.

Since opening, Ranger’s Pantry has helped nearly 80 Fayetteville families, distributing over 3000 pounds of dog food and over 650 pounds of cat food.

Anyone who’d like to help re-stock the food bank shelves is encouraged to stop by Walmart on Friday and donate any size or brand of dog or cat food. Bags and cans will be accepted.

Another way to donate

You can make a donation to the food bank at any Fayetteville fire station or at the Community Services Division at 125 West Mountain St.

» See a list of Fayetteville fire stations

Offer a location for an on-site food drive

If you work at a local business that sells pet food, consider talking to your store manager to see if they’ll allow Ranger’s Pantry to set up outside one afternoon. If they’re cool with it, give Yolanda Fields a call at 575-8260.

How to receive help

If you or someone you know is struggling to make ends meet and is having trouble affording pet food, call the Community Services Division at 479-575-8260. Three-month food vouchers are available and can be used all at once or only as needed for a 12-month period.

» See a map to the Fayetteville Community Services office