BBB 2010: Official live music schedule

Bikes, Blues & BBQ is primarily a motorcycle rally, but if live music is what you’re after, the annual event offers plenty of it.

Whether it’s one of the official stages set up specifically for the rally, or one of the many bars and restaurants around town that intentionally overloads its music schedule during the week, finding something to listen to (besides engines) is most definitely never a problem.

Listed below is the official 2010 BBBQ music schedule. Make sure to check out the Walton Arts Center Beer Garden schedule and the Flyer calendar for more.

Wednesday, Sept. 29

5:00 p.m.Gary and JohnWAC lot
 RansomBaum Stadium lot
7:00 p.m.One Bad MonkeyBaum Stadium lot
7:30 p.m.Another Fine MessWAC lot
9:30 p.m.Strange HeroesWAC lot

Thursday, Sept. 30

4:00 p.m.Red AmbitionWAC lot
 Russ and MikeBaum Stadium lot
5:30 p.m.Pope County BootleggersBaum Stadium lot
6:00 p.m.Easton CorbinThe AMP
6:30 p.m.T.J. ScarlettWAC lot
7:30 p.m.QuinntalkinBaum Stadium lot
8:30 p.m.LaFuSoWAC lot
9:30 p.m.Jim Mills BandBaum Stadium lot
10:30 p.m.Boom! KineticWAC lot

Friday, Oct. 1

12:30 p.m.TBAWAC lot
2:00 p.m.Cathead BiscuitBaum Stadium lot
2:30 p.m.Earl’s GarageWAC lot
3:30 p.m.Underground Blues DivisionBaum Stadium lot
4:30 p.m.Rich FabecWAC lot
5:00 p.m.Metro ParkWashington Co. Fairgrounds
5:30 p.m.Kory Montgomery BandBaum Stadium lot
6:30 p.m.Levee TownWAC lot
7:00 p.m.Pat Travers & Rick DerringerThe AMP
7:30 p.m.Robert HatfieldBaum Stadium lot
8:00 p.m.QuinntalkinWashington Co. Fairgrounds
8:30 p.m.Earl and ThemWAC lot
9:30 p.m.Leah & The Mojo DoctorsBaum Stadium lot
10:30 p.m.Oreo BlueWAC lot

Saturday, Oct. 2

12:30 p.m.TBAWAC lot
2:00 p.m.Minus BobBaum Stadium lot
2:30 p.m.FOS ProjectWAC lot
3:30 p.m.CassetteBaum Stadium lot
4:30 p.m.The Uncrowned KingsWAC lot
5:30 p.m.Rich FabecBaum Stadium lot
6:30 p.m.Nace BrothersWAC lot
7:00 p.m.The Black CrowesThe AMP
7:30 p.m.Lil HoojinBaum Stadium lot
8:00 p.m.RuckusWashington Co. Fairgrounds
8:30 p.m.Joe Giles & Anastasia GilliamWAC lot
9:30 p.m.Tiffany ChristopherBaum Stadium lot
10:30 p.m.Chubby CarrierWAC lot