Fayetteville jewelry designer getting national exposure

Do you know what’s awesome? Hearing about a Fayetteville person doing extraordinary things, and getting national recognition for it.

The latest example of this is happening right now with Lauren Embree, of Lauren Embree Jewelry (formerly l : e custom design).

Embree has been a fixture at events like First Thursday, she’s hosted several successful trunk shows around town, and in the coming months, she’ll be preparing for the inevitable influx of business that will come when her creations are featured in at least one, and possibly two, national publications.

Lauren has raised $670 toward her $1,200 goal on a Kickstarter.com page for materials and upgrades to her website in an effort to get ready for the national exposure that is headed her way. She recently learned that her work will be featured in the January issue of Martha Stewart’s Whole Living publication, and Vogue magazine has also been in touch with her. In fact, she will soon find out whether her jewelry, which was photographed in a recent Vogue photo shoot, will make it into the magazine.

Photo: Dana Idlet

In short, she’s gonna be famous.

We got in touch with Lauren to talk about all the fame, and hopefully fortune, that will come with the national exposure for Lauren Embree Jewelry, and she was nice enough to answer some questions for us.

Fayetteville Flyer: Tell us a bit about the Whole Living feature. How’d it come about?
Lauren Embree: My jewelry was featured on an eco-friendly fashion blog called EcoStiletto.com back in the beginning of August. The very next day, a freelance writer contacted me asking for pieces for a story in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living December issue. After a brief moment of freaking out, I sent them several pieces right away. A couple weeks later, I got an email from the Senior Editor saying that, while they couldn’t fit the pieces into that particular story, she loved my jewelry so much she wanted to give it its own feature in the January issue! I sent them additional pieces (they’re focusing on my rings) and they are photographing them this week!

FF: Level with us. Are you gonna get to kick it in the Hamptons with Martha soon?
LE: I’d love to bring Martha to the Ozarks! I’ve been a fan & faithful subscriber to her magazines for some time, and I don’t think she’s ever been to Northwest Arkansas. She’s got an open invitation for sure!

Photo: Dana Idlet

FF: What about the Vogue shoot. How did that come about?
LE: Pretty much the same way that the Whole Living shoot came about. A week after hearing from the editors at Whole Living, I got an email from the accessories editor at Vogue looking for pieces to feature in an eco friendly jewelry story they were working on. She had been on my website and picked out several pieces they were interested in. I sent them a selection, and they used them for a photo shoot. I haven’t heard yet whether or not the images will actually be used, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

FF: Tell us a bit about your Kickstarter site. Where did you get the idea?
LE: I just wrapped up my own photo shoot last week with artist & photographer Dana Idlet, who actually told me about the site. I checked it out right away, and I couldn’t wait to get started! There are so many cool projects out there that are getting funding. I think it’s a great platform, and I’m excited to see how it works out! Check it out.

FF: What do you think your next steps are for Lauren Embree Jewelry?
LE: I’m going into super jewelry production mode! I definitely don’t have enough inventory to cover the potential demand these stories could bring (Whole Living has 650,000 subscribers, Vogue alone has an audience of over 12 million!) I’m also focusing on growing the number of boutiques & retail locations that offer my jewelry, and expanding my brand to include headpieces & other accessories (making their debut this Saturday night at the Battle of the Chic Elite fashion show at Georges!)