Photos: Fayetteville High School Homecoming Parade

When was the last time you attended a good old-fashioned high school homecoming parade?

If it’s been a while, you should go to one. Soon.

There is really no small town tradition like a parade. Paraders riding in weird cars, tractors, and on decorated flat bed trailers waving, throwing candy, making the kids that line the streets go crazy with excitement. The Woodland football team taunting the Ramay football team. Kids pelting other kids with sweet tarts. Homemade floats. Marching bands. Cheerleaders. Signs. Waves. Smiles.

It is a slice of Americana that is unequaled by any other community event I can think of, and maybe I was just in a really good mood because of the really beautiful weather we’re experiencing, but something about standing there watching that parade this afternoon was life affirming and amazing.

Here are some pictures. Feel free to look at them.

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