Poll: Have you used the new Frisco-Scull Creek trail connection?

With the completion of the Frisco-Scull Creek Trail connection, Fayetteville residents no longer have to exit the trail and ride along streets (and through the middle of a parking lot) to get from Frisco Trail to Scull Creek Trail.

When headed south on Scull Creek Trail, bikers/walkers/runners/skaters/etc. can now cross Maple Street, continue past the Maple Street Apartments, head down the hill under the Lafayette Street bridge, and eventually end up at Dickson Street next to George’s Majestic Lounge.


From there, the trail follows the railroad tracks where it makes a brief exit onto a marked path at the Walton Arts Center parking lot before continuing south towards MLK Blvd.

It’s a somewhat steep incline underneath the bridge, but it’s a heckuva lot quicker and much easier on your nerves no matter which direction you’re headed.

So tell us, have you used the connection yet?

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