A&P Commission to determine 2011 project funding

The Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission will meet Monday, Nov. 8 to determine which projects will receive funding in 2011.

The group will gather at noon in the Fayetteville Town Center to visit with the organizers who are requesting money. At 1 p.m., the commission will convene in the Town Center conference room to make the final decisions.

The October 2010 A&P funding requests revealed that 38* project organizers asked for a total of $737,295.

One of the new projects which could receive funding is the Arkansas Entertainers Walk of Fame, which requested $15,000 to launch a new annual event commemorating Arkansas entertainers. The project would include an induction reception and the installation of bronze emblems in the sidewalk on Dickson Street based on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Another organizer asking for funding is local artist Matt Miller, who is requesting $13,000 for a fundraising event for the Mural Project. The project aims to gain attention for Fayetteville as an Arts destination by creating transportable murals which can be installed around town.

» See the full list of those requesting funding for 2011

* Two of the events, “International Fulbright Concerto Competition” and “Rockit- NWA Music Week,” requested advance funding for 2011 during the April 2010 request period. IFCC was promised $10,000 and Rockit was promised $7,000.