Flyer Profile: The Wicked Good

You know how when you’re really excited about something, waiting a short period of time for it to happen can feel like an eternity?

That’s how we’ve felt about seeing Little Rock’s The Wicked Good live in Fayetteville ever since their videos first appeared on YouTube earlier this summer.

We waited. We kept on waiting. And finally, we got tired of waiting, booked a venue, and got in touch with the band to invite them to come to town ourselves. Our wait will finally be over come Friday.

If you’re not familiar, The Wicked Good is made up of an all-star lineup of some of our favorite Arkansas bands that we’ve seen over the last five years or so.

David Slade (American Princes), Corey Bacon (Smoke Up Johnny), Micah Fitzhugh (The Moving Front), and Jon Rice (The Moving Front, Smoke Up Johnny) make up the supergroup, and the band will be in town for a show at the Smoke & Barrel Friday, Nov. 19 with Fauxnz (Fayetteville), Hosannas (Portland), and Listen Listen (Houston).

We got in touch with David from The Wicked Good recently, and he was nice enough to answer some questions.

Fayetteville Flyer: What have you been listening to lately?
David Slade: I’m full not proud of this, but M83 and Bel Biv Devoe are big with me right now. I can’t really explain it: I’ve become a living embodiment of a Volkswagen Jetta commercial, but whatever. I’ve learned to just let my tastes take me wherever they’re going.

The Wicked Good

FF: Tell us a bit about the lineup of The Wicked Good. What are some other bands you guys have been in?
DS: Like Voltron, we’re assembled from pieces of Smoke Up Johnny, American Princes, and the Moving Front. This isn’t a metaphor: Voltron was also in all of those bands.

FF: This isn’t even a question. It’s more of a fact. The Wicked Good is a badass band name.
DS: Agreed.

FF: Will the show on the 19th be the first time The Wicked Good has performed in Fayetteville?
DS: Indeed. We’re incredibly psyched. Fayetteville is, hands down, one of the greatest places in the known world to play. Most of my favorite shows have happened up there.

FF: How much recorded material do you guys have available, and where can we get our hands on some of it?
DS: Well, we actually recorded a whole album after being a band for, like, two months, but then decided to hold off and do another one in January. Whether or not our ghost album becomes currency on the rock n’ roll black market…only time’ll tell.

FF: There seem to be some really cool things happening in Little Rock right now. What are some other bands we should check out?
DS: Of course, our rival band Sweet Eagle. They’re also a Smoke Up Johnny/Princes amalgam, plus Andy Warr. Speaking of Andy Warr: Brother Andy & his Big Damn Mouth is great. Adam Faucett, Jonathan Wilkins & the Reparations, Correne Spero, The Moving Front (as always…the new album is out of control, too), Mandy McBryde, and you can’t go wrong with The See. Truth is, I could go on all day. (Also, allow me to make a plug for Magic Hassle)

FF: How was the show with J. Roddy Walston & The Business you guys played recently?
DS: It was excellent. Those guys are incredible. I’ve been listening to the new record nonstop. It looks like they’re in the middle of a full on blow up, too. They played with us on Friday, and left immediately after the show to get to Atlanta to open up for Weezer on Saturday. Well played, Business!

FF: I know you guys stay pretty busy, but do you have any recording/touring plans in the works?
DS: Totally. As mentioned above, the album should be done in January. Between jobs, kids, and school, proper tours are probably off the table, but we’re going to try and do some short runs.

The Wicked Good

Date: Friday, Nov. 19, 2010
Time: Rock time (9ish)
Lineup: The Wicked Good, Fauxnz, Hosannas, Listen Listen
Cover: $5