Poll: Who ran over those trees on College Avenue last year?

It was about this time last year when we drove by the newly planted trees in the islands on College Avenue only to find that someone had run over and killed them.

I don’t know if it’s the hidden hippie in us or what, but we found it incredibly depressing to see a row of newly planted trees laying mangled in the middle of a street island.

Those little guys didn’t really stand a chance against somebody’s truck bumper (or car bumper, or horse hooves, whatever).


Anyway, it was nice to receive a press release in our inbox this morning with the subject “College Avenue tree replacement.”

It was even nicer to walk to the medians this afternoon and see that the trees had already been replaced there.

We hope, whoever ran over them was able to get the I-Need-To-Destroy-Those-Little-Trees-To-Impress-My-Buddies bug out of their system last fall. Fingers crossed.

Feel free to take part in this week’s poll question which asks, “Who ran over those trees on College Avenue last year?” The results from last week are listed below.

Last week’s poll

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The results as of November 17, 2010:

46%Bark once for yes.
43% Bark twice for no.
11%Roll over.