New Hosta album is available for free download

Remember that badical 19-second video teaser that Hosta released a few weeks ago for their upcoming album Bearfish?

The teasing is officially over, and now you can get your hands on those 19 seconds, along with the rest of the first full length record for free at their website.

The record features 9 tracks of new material, and a re-recording (and re-imagining) of the song “Cali” from their self-titled EP.

Bearfish was recorded at East Hall Recording Studio by engineer Chris Moore. Incidentally, Moore has a pretty sweet holiday special going on right now if you like what you hear.

Hosta plans to celebrate the release of the record sometime in January, and they’re considering a limited cassette release to go along with the downloadable version. In the meantime, get yourself some free local music (if you want).