What are you thankful for, Fayetteville?

A long time ago, before any of the Rocky movies, before World War II, and before some of you were even born, a group of pilgrims put on their pilgrim clothing and sat down at a long table to eat pumpkin pie, corn, macaroni and cheese, turkey sandwiches, and other traditional pilgrim foods together with several Native Americans at the first ever Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, more than 30 years later, Thanksgiving is celebrated by thousands of Americans all over the world every year.

I’m not sure how accurate any of the above information is, but I do know over the next several hours, you, me, and most everyone else in this city will be hanging out with some loved ones, watching the Detroit Lions get obliterated by somebody, and/or eating the bejesus out of some delicious food.

I also know that we have roughly 364 days a year to complain about things we’re not thankful for, so it was a good idea that those pilgrims set aside a day to reflect a bit about the good things in our lives. Good job, pilgrims.

This year, I’m thankful for the following things: my dogs, chips and salsa, barbecue nachos, Fayetteville, ice cream, great friends, family, Bobby Petrino, a pretty cool job, our sponsors, our readers, our commenters, our contributors, Thanksgiving, a place to live, a car that still (mostly) works, music, First Thursday, technology, headache medicine, the Razorbacks, flip flops, house shoes, and frogs. I think that’s it.

What are you guys thankful for this year?