Two new Perpetual Werewolf tracks are available to download

When asked about the state of the Fayetteville music scene recently, Zack Wait of local bands Fauxnz and Egyptr had the following to say, “We’re all freezing in the shadow of Perpetual Werewolf.”

I don’t know how true that statement is (if you’ve seen either of Zack’s bands, it’s hard to imagine them freezing in anyone’s shadow) but I do know that Perpetual Werewolf has two new tracks available for your listening/downloading pleasure available at their Bandcamp page.

The band has been working on a new record in the studio of Chuck Schaaf (Deadbird), and new tracks “Walk Through Walls,” and “Astronomurder” are the first taste of the new material.

Ruben Regalado from the band said that the record will be titled “Enter The Mountain Gateway,” and that they hope to release it in early 2011.

Check it out for yourself. Or don’t. Your call. (Do it.)